State Service:
  • 18 yrs, Maine State Senator, Northern Penobscot & Piscataquis Counties.
  • ½ yr, Maine Dept. of Administration & Finance, Energy Efficiency Advisor
  • 6 yrs, Maine State Nuclear Safety Advisor
  • 5 yrs, Commissioner, Maine Land Use Planning Commission, Penobscot County
Municipal Service:
  • ½ yr, Acting Town Manager, Millinocket
  • 5 yrs, Millinocket Town Councilor
  • 3 yrs, Maine Municipal Assn. District 7 Legislative Policy Review Representative
County Service:
  • 5 yrs, Maine Land Use Planning Commission, Penobscot County
  • 4 yrs, Maine County Commissioners Assn.,
Federal Service:
  • 4 Yrs, U.S, Air Force, Tactical Aircraft Controller
  • 8 yrs, U.S. Dept of Energy, Senior Executive Service, Advisor, Intergovernmental Affairs
  • 1 yr U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration, Director of Congressional Affairs

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